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Birch In The Boudoir Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2
Birch In The Boudoir Download Epub Mobi Pdf Fb2




Birch in the Boudoir

by A Pukka Swiver

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You will readily believe that the letters you are about to read were never intended for publication. They were lately exchanged between a handsome, lusty young gentleman of some thirty summers and a mischievously pretty beauty who had just completed her nineteenth year. As the letters themselves will show, both these friends are persons of the finest breeding and the most amiable liveliness of mind. I have known handsome Charlie and pretty Lizzie for long enough to assure you that the events which this correspondence relates are utterly worthy of belief. After several months of my urging them, they have at last placed these papers in my hands with full permission to communicate them to the world. They make one stipulation, with which any sensible man or woman must concur: the full names and titles of my young friends are not revealed.




















Birch in the Boudoir A Pukka Swiver

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Birch in the Boudoir

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A Pukka Swiver


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